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Switch your security system to PegaSync & save up to $ 1460 in equipment cost plus peace of mind
Free Installation and Free expert Consultation by Pegasync Team of Security Systems Professionals

Commercial Security

Whether you are interested in a camera security surveillance system, access control, a wireless or hardwired intrusion/burglar alarm system, fire detection systems, smoke detectors, GSM cellular and Internet communicators for your busines or any combination thereof and more, PegaSync Alarm  will custom design a solution that meets your precise security needs. In addition, our Communication Services section will provide you with  Connect solutions that enable you to receive alerts about your business whether you are onsite or out of the office. 

Your security is important to us, whether it is a single application or a multifunctional  an integrated system that integrates intrusion detection, fire detection, video surveillance and access control into one comprehensive system.




 Access Control

Professionally designed access control solutions provided by PegaSync ensure that the people with access to valuable assets, inventory or restricted areas are only those who are authorized by the management.




Intrusion & Burglary

Every business is unique and, therefore, your security needs are unique as well. Professionals at PegaSync will work with you to tailor an intrusion and burglary security system to meet your precise requirements.




 Video Surveillance

PegaSync engineered video systems  provide our customers with industry-leading video solutions including IP cameras, NVRs, NVR Hybrids, Video Encoders, Video Management Systems, 24/7 Central station or Cloud Hosted Services, and more.




Fire & Life Safety

PegaSync provided fire and safety solutions include fire detection devices which allow the alarm system to sense the presence of smoke, sense heat and remotely control items like fire exits, emergency lights, door releases and elevators.    




 Integrated Security

To keep your employees, customers and property safe at all times, there is no need to install multiple systems— have fire, intrusion, access control, CCTV and alarm communications in an  upgradeable integrated system installed by PegaSync.




24/7 Monitoring

For the ultimate security, PegaSync Alarm has the right communication products and services for the reliable and fast transmission of alarm signals to UL certified central station(s) 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

PegaSync security systems can significantly reduce the threat of intrusion, fire and shrinkage; and can enable you to limit access areas that are hazardous or contain sensitive company information. Our professionals have the expertise needed to deliver customized, intelligent solutions that meet your unique challenges, improve operational effectiveness, increase cost efficiencies and achieve a higher level of safety and security for your organization.