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Commercial Security in Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings: Automate, Communicate and Integrate Security

Today’s buildings are more than just structures.  They contain complex systems and technology.  The rise of smart devices is changing the way we inhabit buildings, and consequently, how we think about securing these buildings.These cutting-edge solutions are the building blocks that enable buildings to be smarter, safer and more efficient. By implementing a seamless, single-point of access to your building, fire, security and energy management solutions,  we achieve more with fewer resources.

Always On Awareness

As building systems become internet-connected, we have developed an even greater level of awareness of what is going on inside them.  Video analytics can now monitor the activity of people on premises and send a notification as something happens.  And as buildings become smarter, those analytics can begin to identify behavior patterns and predict scenarios, allowing you to intervene before a situation becomes a security threat.

Integration of Security Systems 

In the digital age, what used to be a number of disparate security systems can now be connected by a single platform.  This allows for more efficient security management and faster decision making.  As these platforms evolve, they may begin to interact with one another, so that an activity detected by one system could automatically trigger an action in another.

Insight into Occupant Behavior and Resource Use

The integration of building security systems means that data can be analyzed not just in the moment, but over time. This paves the way for security professionals to better understand occupant patterns, and to refine and optimize security measures.  Buildings could even become more proactive in their own management, making recommendations to direct the flow of people and employees, or even optimize the use of building resources such as heating, HVAC and lighting based on space utilization.

comercial security in smart building

Installing Smart Features in a Commercial Building

Smart technology can be incorporated into just about any business. All you need is access to an internet connection or to be within range of a 3G or 4G wireless cell tower. Most of the more common smart tech features can be channeled through a basic security system control panel. Contact PegaSync Alarm if you’d like to learn about incorporating smart building technology into your commercial facility or building.