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Free Installation and Free expert Consultation by Pegasync Team of Security Systems Professionals


Servicing your Home and Businesses with cutting edge maintenance solutions

PegaSync is dedicated to assisting our clients through the complete life cycle of  equipment installed at your home or business facility and our highly qualified professionals can repair, upgrade, test and maintain your network, safety and security systems. We provide exceptional quality in service and performance and provide immediate, personal support that you expect from us and we believe that all our clients deserve that support and commitment from us.

Our service personnel are licensed and highly trained in all aspects of your electrical/electronic system and they are quick and efficient. We provide 24-hour emergency service when needed. Our service personnel are in full uniform and all carry proper identification.

Our vision is to be a world-class security systems company that provides pragmatic, cost effective and technically sound solutions to our clients through our best in class employees.

  • Avoid costly repairs and malfunctioning equipment
  • Establish a safer and more secured home for our residential clients.
  • Establish a safer working environment for your employees and your visitors.  
  • Improve resale value and benefit from a better-maintained home .
  • Improve resale value and benefit from a better-maintained building.

PegaSync Provided Services

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Monitored smoke detector and carbon monoxide sensors
  • Home theater systems
  • Home automation (lights, thermostats and more)
  • Medical alerts
  • Emergency service and repairs

Maintenance Plans

We will provide custom maintenance plans based on your needs as a business. These plans will offer Peace of mind, Improved reliablity, Comfort satisfaction, Discounts, Warranties, Extended equipment life and much more when you are enrolled in our commercial maintenance plans.

Each business is different and has unique needs to protect their assets so we will be happy to provide an estimate on a maintenance plan for your business.

Core Values at PegaSync

At PegaSync, we understand Quality is very vital to the success of our business. We are dedicated to the success of our employees. We employ people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination who work closely with one another and with our clients. We are committed to maintain, at all times, the highest standards of behavior and professional integrity.

PegaSync believes in the philosophy of listening to our customers and addressing their needs. We are guided by integrity as well as an all-consuming desire to exceed expectations and foster long-term partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to achieve a complete customer satisfaction and we strive to achieve it by providing responsive, accommodating service to each and every one of our valued clients

We, at PegaSync, Look Forward to Protecting All That our clients and employees Value.